Become a Green Team Partner

The fine art of sorting - it's all in the details!

The fine art of sorting - it's all in the details!

Join YWCA's recycling Team, and you Can Help:

1.   Make your Lowell business a little "greener"

2.   Create meaningful internships for Lowell youth that support the environment

3.   Introduce the youth to the services your business or agency provides


What do We Recycle?

  • Carbonated and non-carbonated beverage containers
    • Plastic (soda, water, sports drinks, and juice
    • Aluminum (soda and juice cans)
    • Glass (deposit bottles)
  • Cell phones
  • Button batteries
  • Ink and toner cartridges
  • Dental packaging
  • Personal care and beauty product packaging
  • Energy bar wrappers



how does it work?

Becoming a YWCA Green Team Partner is easy!  Contact us to meet with you and provide a recycling box.  A poster attached to the box describes exactly which materials to collect.  Then start collecting - and when the box is full, call us for pick-up!

To get started, call the Green Team at 978-458-9983 or email us at


Who partners with us now?

Businesses and agencies primarily within the City of Lowell, including:

Career Center of Lowell
Lowell Department of Public Works
Lowell Health Department
Lowell Police Department
Bain Pest Control
Mechanics Direct
Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce
Miracle Ear
Community Teamwork, Inc.
Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union
Plummer Foster Care
Bradford Industries
Audio Hearing Center